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I read the stories of SH, but some of them with a pinch of salt. What I will do the fancy of many sizes of queues in the stories, 'was more than twelve inches' and ' it was huge on the rounds eleven inches long and six. ' I'm talking about average size in this department and I I'm jealous or anything, but come on, yes there are real guys with big cocks, but not many. No doubt, I have some evidence before accepting my readers argument. Now I'm not bi or gay guys and they'll ask, ' How big is your cheesecaketube partner's cock ' is not easy. Apart from being beaten in the face a couple of times I could easily get to the offers had in my ass for the size, not to my taste. So I opted for a simpler method. A friend cheesecaketube of mine has a professorship at the University of Bath, and have developed a questionnaire to collect for him to adapt to their students. I was a little surprised, but cheesecaketube said he would do, how the results might make interesting reading. A few weeks later he returned with theThe evaluation forms and responses, I think all students should be regular writer SH history. had already tried the Internet and discovered a large amount of data, but the results are all over the place. While useful, as a double when erect tail, and yes, they are smaller, when they are cold or in the pool. One site says that about 80 % of men 19 to 35 years in an erect penis size from 4 inches to 5. 5 inches and an average length of 5. 5 inches to 6. 5 inches have. This suggests that there are not many Nine Inch Plus monster out there, but not medically verified penis was 13. 5 inches long and 6. 25 inches around. You surely remember that man, if he was at his side in the Lord! Moreover, his wife has permanent tonsillitis. seemed to be back to 'Plan A' in demand again, guys, how big they were. I am not usually a coward, but would not be easy. Then one day I was in the Lords, and there was a young guy next to me at the urinalsMr. slightly. I looked and saw take his attack and was quite large. I stopped and went to the bathroom to wash their hands and the guy came to do the same. I could not lose this opportunity and asked, 'Do not get me wrong, but could not help noticing that they have an impressive piece of equipment down there. ' I got to punch in the mouth tight, but fortunately did not come. Instead, he said proudly, cheesecaketube ' so no doubt my girlfriend has always been happy all the time to take nice and slow. ' I laughed and asked him the million dollar question, ' So how big is it? ' Must be measures, as he immediately said, ' if it is full, 24 inches long and 15 centimeters in diameter. I thought it best not to doubt him and his word, so I just comment that was quite impressive, and made an exit quickly. then calculated that nine and a half inches long and about six inches around. So yes, there are some monsters out there, Id actually seen one, I'd be brave enough to ask for a cheesecaketube quick photo on the phone. Over the next few weeks, when men went quickly out the other customers to see what size they were. I'm sure some of them grabbed me and gave me looks threatening, I did not break my head I thought it was better end of the survey. I can say that they were all pretty average, with only one man up to his standard history of the SH. Then a few months later, something happened that I bought it all over again. I was going back into the elevator in a parking lot to my car, which was near the top of the cheesecaketube several floors. Besides me, there was a woman in the elevator. He was about forty cheesecaketube years old and looked very attractive, dressed in a skirt and blouse and carrying several shopping bags. The elevator was fast and then just stopped dead. I could see that it is on the floor and realized that the elevator was broken. The woman was very angry, said SOMETfell on the house for dinner with her husband to cook. The phone cheesecaketube in the elevator was broken and my phone had cheesecaketube no signal, so I pressed the alarm button. About ten minutes later cheesecaketube there were some bumps and screams outside and told us we had to lift the engineer, and he would be there cheesecaketube in half an hour. started talking to kill time, I learned that her name was Liz. I think that soon we will cover almost everything, including work, family, interests and hobbies. There were some bumps and called us, that the engineer needs a few bits and it would take about forty minutes to fix the elevator. After exhausting all we got to talking about sex. I mentioned my recent study of men, including the tail of the survey of students. 'You should have asked the students,' said Liz, 'as it would have given the true size of their friends. ' cheesecaketube Liz cheesecaketube said to me, 'is not really the time being, the width is more important. ' He explained that his mother had been a midwife and the woman 's vagina can expand to accommodate a longer tail. However, to attract a large clitoris and not a woman. Good I thought maybe I have to get a cock ring. Liz asked, ' How big is your penis, come show me. ' At this point I was shy and reserved for takeoff. So I made ​​an offer 'ok, if your dick that will give a flash my tits. ' This seemed a reasonable incentive. I opened his pants and pulled my cock from my boxers. seemed out of the pool and was a real disappointment. Liz seemed unconcerned and began to unbutton her blouse.. let her tits out of her bra you were a 36 ° C, seemed to be pretty and looked fantastic, this did the trick, as now, my cock was completely redesigned.. her boobs were certainly caught his attention ( continued)
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